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My clean living journey began in 2018 when I became a mom. I was intentional about using natural, clean products for my baby, but lacked the awareness of how my personal care products were effecting her - and myself. I was still wearing toxic-filled perfume and body lotion at the time, and I remember spraying my neck and chest every morning, and then holding my baby all day. She was being exposed to all the toxins and chemicals that were on my body. She developed a rash on her cheek one day, and once I ruled out food allergens, environmental allergens and her own products, I started looking into my own. I became increasingly aware of the harmful ingredients present in many of the products I used daily. It was shocking and upsetting that the very items I trusted to care for myself and my family were actually causing  us harm. This realization sparked a transformation in my lifestyle—a commitment to clean living and non-toxic choices.

Driven by a desire to provide safer alternatives for my family,
I spent years curating products that align with my values of health and wellness. Thus, Good Juju Living was born—a dedicated space where you can find non-toxic, clean ingredient products to replace your everyday essentials.

Our mission is simple: to offer a carefully selected range of
products from brands I have tried and trust. From skincare and personal care items to household products, each item in my shop has been chosen with utmost care, reflecting our commitment to quality and purity.

At Good Juju Living, I believe that everyone deserves access to clean, safe products that support their well-being. Join me on this journey towards a healthier, more mindful way of living.

Thank you for choosing me as your trusted source for wellness

Warm regards,

Julia (Juju) Woods
Founder, Good Juju Living