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The Fresh Wife Milk & Honey Soap Bar

The Fresh Wife Milk & Honey Soap Bar

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These handcrafted soap bars are carefully formulated so that you don't get that tight feeling after washing your parts!  You work hard.... your soap shouldn't make your skin feel over worked too!  They are not vegan!  They use beef tallow as one of thier ingredients that they render down themselves.  It's proudly used as it makes for a very nourishing and hard bar.... PLUS they make use of something that would of ended up in the garbage.  All bars are only coloured with botanicals or clays and scented with essential oils. Sometimes - you gotta go back to basics when your skin just isn't happy...... it's dry.... itchy and irritated.  Sometimes you gotta go back to the beginning and switch out your soap or body wash to something that nourishes, moisturizes and doesn’t strip your skin of all its natural occurring oils.


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